Hemp Crops vs. Cotton
Hemp crops require only 30% of the water that cotton does.
Industrial Hemp Production in the U.S. is a GO!
Industrial hemp production is coming back to the U.S. after President Obama signed the Farm Bill of 2013, which contained an amendment that allowed research and development of industrial hemp in states that have already regulated it.
Quality Always - Work With Us
When it comes to industrial hemp, quality starts on the farm. IPC works directly with our cultivators in order to educate them on the best practices in hemp production.

Company Profile

Industrial Processors Corp. (IPC) was founded in the State of Colorado shortly after the state began regulating the production of industrial hemp.

It is our vision to see this industry grow and prosper again in the U.S., bringing jobs, increased economic activity, and environmental benefits to the entire country. In order to fulfill that vision, cultivators of industrial hemp will need the infrastructure available to derive marketable value from the crop. It is our mission to develop the infrastructure necessary to support the hemp industry’s revival while becoming the leader in the production of quality hemp products and raw materials for our customers and the world at large.


Currently, IPC is equipped to process hemp seeds for their core, which contains nutritious oils. This process creates a by-product of the seed shell, called seed cake, which is packed with 35% protein by weight. We bulk wholesale hemp seed products and ingredients to retailers, the body-care industry, and other value-added product manufacturers...

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Hemp has a rich history around the world. Its use as a fiber for rope, sails, and clothing led to the early American colonies enacting laws that made it illegal to NOT grow hemp. In the early 1700’s Benjamin Franklin started one of the first paper mills in Pennsylvania that used hemp to create the Pennsylvania Gazette publication...

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For Investor Inquiry: Contact Gregory Flores
Email: Hello@indprocessors.com
Tel: (917) 379-5553

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